Low Voltage Underfloor Radiant Heat Installation

Step 1: Lay out your heating element

Radiant underfloor heating systems designed for do-it-yourself installationYour HeatMyFloors.com representative will put together a system specifically designed for your project. As part of this system, you will have a diagram to show exactly how to lay out the heating element in the room you are heating. Follow the layout the diagram shows.

The finished flooring material also provides a guideline for how far apart elements are to be placed. For tile, the element should be 1" to 2.5" apart; wood requires spacing of 3" to 5"; for carpet, spacing is 2" to 8" and vinyl spacing is 3" to 5". However, if the application is for primary heating, the space between the heating elements will change slightly.

Step 2: Secure the element

The element can be secured with staples, nails or screws (every 2 feet), hot melt glue (use quarter size glue spots every 2 feet), thin set or self-leveler. Avoid glues and adhesives, other than hot melt glue, when securing the product.

Step 3: Connect the element strips

Install low voltage radiant underfloor heatTo connect the element strips, first cut the element, exposing 1" of bus braid on each corner. Next, connect the bus braid to extension wire (PVC copper tinned 105 wire only) with the crimp tool you were provided, differentiating polarities of wire using black and white conductors. Tape the connectors.

Step 4: Install the transformer/power supply

The transformer should be installed as close to the heating element as possible, while avoiding areas of poor ventilation (such as a small bathroom cabinet). The transformer should be mounted in an upright, vertical position (with load wires routing from the bottom panel). Once mounted, wire the transformer according to your application and apply power.

Please note that a certified electrician needs to measure the amperage for each heating element BEFORE being covered with flooring.

Temperature control options:

HeatMyFloors.com offers three temperature control options with its low voltage underfloor heating products:

  • A simple on/off switch
  • A non-programmable thermostat
  • A programmable thermostat

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Easy Installation

HeatMyFloors.com's low voltage underfloor heating products are designed for easy installation.

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